The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Peru was founded on 24th September 1979 to foster and promote trade between Peru and Switzerland. It represents the interests of local and Swiss entrepreneurs at an export and import level. Its mission is to foster and promote the free trade system encouraging investment and trade in a framework of social responsibility values and commercial ethics.

Thanks to its stability and quality of service, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Peru has established itself as a reference for companies which are looking for business opportunities between both countries. It plays an important role as a Business Match-Maker for its Members which have the chance to make new contacts and promote their projects, products and services directly between the member firms and the Chamber´s international network of contacts.

Currently the Swiss Chamber of Commerce has a membership of over 200 Swiss and Peruvian companies. It belongs to SWISSCHAM (the Union of Swiss Chambers of Commerce) which has over 51 members worldwide. In Peru it belongs to ACCB – the Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce.

The Chamber represents S-GE (Switzerland Global Enterprise). It also gives advisory services including trade information, market studies, trade partner searches, legal advice, translations, publications, a labor exchange, arrangement of events, business round tables, among others.





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S-GE provides a wide variety of services of support to the foreign exchange, from consultations and advice to conducting market research and trade missions, with the goal of promoting the different opportunities in the international market for Swiss companies.

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Peru has a very important role as a S-GE representative in our country, which is finding ever increasing attention from Swiss entrepreneurs. The growth and strength of the economy and the development of sectors such as infrastructure, trade, industry, among others, are some of the factors that have turned our country in a target market for Swiss SME’s.